Consumer reviews on our Cuisine à Gogo™ site pursue three essential objectives:

  1. Objectivity: Allow consumers to objectively evaluate our products.
  2. Guidance: Help other visitors make informed choices through shared experiences.
  3. Continuous Improvement: Use feedback to constantly improve customer satisfaction and the quality of our offers.

Submission of Reviews: Only buyers of the product can write a review. After purchasing, customers receive an email inviting them to give their opinion, via a specific link, approximately five weeks after their order.

Composition of Opinions:

  • Note: Each review includes a star rating, from 1 to 5.
  • Title: Limited to 200 characters to summarize the experience.
  • Comment: Personal details about the product experience.
  • Identification: The customer's first name and last initial are published with the notice.

Integrity of Reviews: No compensation is offered for reviews. Reviews cannot be edited once posted. They may be subject to verification of authenticity.

Moderation: All reviews go through a moderation process to ensure compliance with our rules, such as the absence of illegal, offensive, or inaccurate content.

Review Rejection: Reviews may be rejected for non-compliance, mention of customer service issues, or referring to product errors that require verification.

Rights on Reviews: By publishing a review, the consumer assigns to Cuisine à Gogo™ the right to use the content of the review in an unlimited manner and without compensation, including on social networks, in our newsletters and on other websites. other promotional materials.

Publication and Archiving: Notices are published within 5 to 7 working days and kept on the site.

Reviews are displayed in chronological order, from newest to oldest.

Cuisine à Gogo™ Review Moderation Process

Moderation of reviews posted on Cuisine à Gogo™ is a crucial step to ensure the integrity and reliability of the information available on our site. This process is carried out by our dedicated team and follows the steps described below:

  1. Verification of Eligibility: Upon receipt, each review is first verified to ensure that the consumer has actually purchased the product. This step prevents fake reviews from people who have not experienced the product.
  2. Compliance with Rules: The review is then reviewed to ensure it meets the guidelines set out in our policy. This includes :
  • Legality: The review must not contain any illegal content.
  • Respect: The opinion must not be defamatory, insulting, discriminatory or contain hateful remarks.
  • Relevance: The review must relate specifically to the product in question and not deviate to other reviews, for example about customer service or other products.
  • Rejection of Non-Compliant Reviews: Reviews that do not meet these criteria are systematically rejected. This also includes reviews that include references to other sites or explicit personal data, as well as reviews that are clearly biased by improper use of the product.
  • Communication with the Consumer: If a review is rejected for a rectifiable reason, the consumer is contacted by email to offer them the opportunity to modify their review in order to make it compliant.
  • Publication: Compliant notices are published on the site under each product sheet within an average of 5 to 7 working days, excluding weekends and public holidays. They appear in chronological order, from newest to oldest.
  • Right to Import Reviews: Cuisine à Gogo™ reserves the right to import reviews from other partner platforms to enrich the content and offer a more complete view of user experiences with our products. This practice is carried out while always respecting the standards of transparency and authenticity of our moderation policy.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Even after publication, reviews remain monitored for any potential issues that may arise, ensuring that content remains current and relevant.
  • Periodic Review: In addition to ongoing monitoring, our team conducts periodic reviews of published reviews to ensure they remain relevant and representative of user experiences. This review may lead to review adjustments or deletions if new information or context emerges that affects the relevance of the original review.
  • This rigorous process ensures that reviews published on Cuisine à Gogo™ are authentic, reliable and useful to all users of the site, while protecting the integrity of our platform and providing a transparent and secure experience for consumers.